One of ACMA’s core objectives is to provide educational opportunities and mentorship programs that inspire our future generations of Asian American filmmakers, producers, writers, directors and media technicians. ACMA offers APA youth, ages 18-22 years old, a unique opportunity to participate, at no cost to them, in a media internship program called TAKE ONE.

By providing these youth from this underserved community, regardless of their financial background, opportunities to learn hands on television and film production vocational skills as well as gain valuable leadership, teamwork, self development skills, we believe TAKE ONE can also foster a better sense of pride and self identity within their communities. We also encourage them to create original ideas and projects based on their own perspectives and experiences as Asian Americans that can even possibly help to inspire and shape the perspectives others that can even affect the futures of their communities.


Media is the most effective tool of mass communication that can deliver your message to a global audience. ACMA harnesses the power of media through television, film and online social media platforms to deliver our message of creating a better awareness and understanding of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community. ACMA hosts media workshops and seminars focused on promoting Asian American media organizations and development of innovative media programs that promote our message. ACMA also  produces it’s own original content for television  an is currently developing film projects that will focus on the many aspects of the Asian American experience.

ACMA’s programs are designed to provide opportunities and platforms for the APA community to not only showcase successful Asian American professionals working in the media industry, but also support our aspiring Asian American youth to learn and develop the technical skills and experience necessary to gain a competitive edge in pursuing careers in media.


ACMA  host business networking opportunities that encourage the sharing of best business practices and professional knowledge for various levels of advancement within the media industry. We feature successful Asian American speakers from many facets of media from filmmakers to social media business entrepreneurs.

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